10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Android Applications

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Android Applications

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Android Applications

Mobile users across the world widely prefer mobile applications instead of traditional web browsers. With the encompassing digitalization, utilization of smartphones is growing fast! The mobile applications are responsible for making the smartphones actually smart!

With the growing usage of mobile applications, businesses of different scales have targeted the leading mobile platforms for mobilizing their business strategy. By developing business-oriented mobile applications, the brands aim to create brand awareness and to market their products and services. Mobile applications are certainly superior over other marketing strategies like text messages and promotional calls.

What Is The Main Challenge Faced By Businesses While Initiating Steps For Developing Mobile App?

By developing user engaging mobile applications, the brands can create a loyal customer base that can lead the brand in the competitive market. But the main challenge faced by the businesses is to select the best mobile platform for developing a business mobile application.

Though mobile applications are helpful for the businesses in maintaining a close relationship with the clients or the end-users, it is essential to have a clear knowledge about the most profitable platform for the brand. Mobile application is one of the best and inexpensive marketing and communication tool for the businesses.

Why Android Platform Is The Best?

Android and iOS are the leading mobile operating systems that have considerable market share across the world. Android is regarded as the king of mobile operating systems and it powers the highest numbers of smartphones used by users across the world.

If you have made up your mind for mobile application app then you must perform extensive research about the targeted market first. Both the leading mobile platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the targeted market and the brand’s requirements, selecting the right mobile platform is essential. Selecting the right platform would help in fulfilling the targeted business objectives!

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10 Reasons That Ensures Investment for Android Application Is Beneficial

1. Popular Platform In Developing Economies

Android is well known across the globe for the integrated lucrative features and device fragmentation. Powering the highest numbers of devices and available at an affordable range, Android is the first choice for many users.

AThis allows a brand to reach a wide base of consumers and present unique offerings that are suitable for the users as per their varying needs. Android is the key player in the global Smartphone market. Businesses that have missed to publish an application for android, indeed it is a great loss for those businesses.

2. Android Is Amazingly Flexible

Android is highly popular among the first time Smartphone users for its amazing flexibility. Android offers high-quality features at an affordable range that allows the low budget consumers to purchase Android-powered devices and utilize the amazing features and functionalities making life easier.

3. Android Apps Have Lower Entry Barriers

Android apps can be developed on Windows Desktop or any other desktops, whereas to develop iOS apps, Mac desktop is essential. Google charges $25 for a single time to get registered as a developer whereas $99 is charged by Apple.

4. Android Applications Are Easily Developed On Java

Android applications are easily developed on Java which is one of the proven powerful languages. Being open source, it provides free source codes from its Application Development Kit. Without depending on any special system configuration, Java runs smoothly on any system with any software and hardware.

Thus, Android applications are widely developed in this language. And for Java’s flexibility, the applications can easily be ported to other mobile platforms like Blackberry, Symbian, Ubuntu as well as Chrome OS.

5. Easy Customization Features

It is easier to customize the Android apps as per varying requirements with upgraded technology. Android offers limitless options for customizing the applications. The app features can be altered and functionality can be enhanced easily anytime as per the requirements. This is one of the best features that stimulate brands to target Android platform.

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6. Android Is The Perfect Platform

The app market is growing fast! The users expect faster results. Updating the apps on Google Play Store is easily concluded within few minutes. Android app store is flexible for app submission as well that allows submitting the same apps for multiple times.

Android also releases Alpha and Beta from time to time with upgrades that can easily be accessed by the developers for testing the application. As per the feedbacks from the app users, the developers can rectify the errors and add some essential features to the applications that would enhance user experience. All such features make Android as the best and perfect platform for the app development.

7. Android App Development Is Profitable

Monetizing the mobile applications is highly profitable for iOS but android is nowhere behind than iOS. High revenues can be generated with Android as well. In-app purchases, initial app purchases and way-app ads are the profitable approaches of an android app with which high revenues can be generated.

8. Higher Avenues For Android Apps

The Android apps can easily be deployed with multiple third-party app stores. Apart from this, personal marketing skills can be used for delivering .apk files of the apps via numbers of relevant websites. With such feature, the users don’t need to go to the app store for downloading the application. This responsibly takes a great part in increasing the numbers of potential users.

9. Large Number Of Fresh Viewers

As android is a simple and flexible platform, maximum numbers of first-time smartphone users prefer for using android powered devices. With this, the brands can easily target fresh viewers and encompass their brand image in the wider market.

10. Socializing Your Brand Is Easier With Android

Almost every person is passionate about different Social Media channels. With the growing admiration of Android apps, the brands can even acquire a distinguished appreciation on different social media channels like facebook, twitter, etc. This acquires higher user attention that is profitable for the brands to increase the revenue.

These are the highly-valuable reasons that make Android application investment as the most profitable decision. By having a unique idea of an app, the businesses can take initiatives for android app development and reach the wide base of users easily ensuring effective results.

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