14 Incredible Features Of Android O

14 Incredible Features Of Android O

14 Incredible Features Of Android O

Google is back to the buzz in the tech industry with its recent release of Android O. Google has incorporated several changes to the existing features and also has added several other new features in Android O. Certainly, mobile space is constantly evolving and Android being the mobile market ruler across the world has evolved along with this strategy so that it could efficiently meet the varying requirements of the Android users. The new version of Android O has a plenty of changes in its store along with the tons of several new features.

The Excellently Cool and New Features of Android O

The first developer preview of Android O has been released, and with the beta release, a transparent picture of the integrated features is displayed. Below described are few of the incredible new features of Android O.

1. Revamped File Manager

The in-built file manager of Android is not the best in the market. But the feature of browsing files without installing the additional apps is indeed cool for the users. Android O’s Files app has been refurbished! Though it is still unable to reach the features uniformity of FX File Manager and Solid Explorer, still it enables the users to view, open and deletes files easily.

2. Redesigned Menu Settings

One of the most amazing changes is the redesigned Menu Settings that features dark gray text over white background. The side navigation menu that was introduced in Android Nougat has been skipped in Android O. Several menus have amazingly been reorganized in the new Android O that has turned the settings area to be simple as well as straightforward.

3. Keyboard Navigation

Android O is focused on building an efficient model with the arrow and tab key navigation. As Chromebooks with Android need better ways for using the features of any app through its keyboard and mouse, such incredible feature in Android O makes it easier and better for the developers as well as the end users.

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4. Background Restrictions on Battery-Saving

Android O would probably fix the issues of battery drain in standby mode. The Doze Mode that was introduced with Marshmallow and improved with Nougat has turned to be quite helpful. Google has given high effort to make the apps perform fast and effectively in the background. With this integrated feature Android O, it ensures that the apps wouldn’t pressurize on the background services.

5. Fingerprint Scanner

Pixel and Pixel XL feature that was incorporated into Nexus devices, it allows the users to expand the notification tray which is done by swiping down the fingerprint scanner. Google has taken this feature to a new level with Android O. The third-party app developers can use this accessibility service for monitoring the fingerprint scanner. This feature enables the users to access their favorite apps with fingerprint gesture functionality by requesting for an additional permission.

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6. Individual Notification Snooze

If a message is received and the user is busy at the moment then swiping the message to the right and tapping on the clock icon, the user can ‘snooze’ the notification. The message will go away for 15 minutes. Users can smartly set the snooze length as per their interest.

7. The Navigation bar Tuner

System UI Tuner was introduced with Android Marshmallow. This feature allowed changing the appearance of different system menus and icons. With Android O, Google has expanded this feature, and this is indeed one of the coolest improvements that allow the users to change the on-screen navigation buttons. By accessing the Navigation Bar menu in the System UI tuner, the users can change the layout of the on-screen buttons and can also can some extra icons.

8. Picture in Picture for Handsets

Picture-in-picture mode in Android O resembles Android Nougat split-screen mode. This is a special type of feature in Android O that allows the users to split the screen that would be quite helpful in watching videos along with performing other tasks. The apps need to be updated that would support the new API.

9. Font Resources in XML

Android O supports and promotes the fonts in a resourceful type. With this feature, the fonts can be defined in the same way the colors and other resources in the application use XML. The developers would probably have more control over different fonts and styles that are used in the apps. This feature would allow the developers to have more control over different fonts and style used by them. With such feature, the users can get the apps with the custom fonts and without any complicated procedures.

10. Shortcuts for Custom Lock Screen

Custom lock screen shortcut menu is another amazing addition to Android O. With this feature, the users can add custom shortcuts that would be displayed in the bottom corners of the lock screen. The users can easily pick any of the apps for occupying the space.

11. Autofill Framework Feature

Chrome automatically fills the saved information of the users, i.e. address, credit card number, etc. Android O features similar Autofill framework that prevents the users from repeated entry of same information. This feature allows the users to create as well as manage the list of auto-fill data and placing it into the required text fields. The users would have complete control over the information that is saved in the system.

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12. Upgraded Bluetooth Codecs

For its low audio quality, Bluetooth has ever failed in comparison to set of wired headphones. With the growing tech efficiencies, Google has now added high-quality Bluetooth codecs to the new Android O. This feature would improve the audio quality along with enhancing the compatibility of the Bluetooth devices.

13. Wide Colour Gamut of Apps

Several Android phones used currently support a wide variety of color gamut but the Android apps didn’t have such capability. But Android O efficiently enables the apps to make use of the wide color gamut profiles. This feature would allow the users to conclude pro-style photo-editing.

14. Wi-Fi Aware

Wi-Fi Aware is one of the excellent features incorporated in Android O that promises excellent functionality. The devices using new versions of Android would be able to discover the other devices with new Android versions and would establish a private network between the devices that would allow the devices to share the data without being on the same network.

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