5 Tips To Develop A Top Selling Android App

5 Tips To Develop A Top Selling Android App

Tips To Develop A Top Selling Android App

Android powers the highest numbers of mobile devices across the world! Google Play Store boasts the mobile market with around 1.6 million apps that are highly successful. Unlike the iOS apps, the number of Android apps is increasing day by day at the Google Play Store. Acquiring visibility on the Android platform may not be a tough work but maintaining it, is quite tough.

The app makers must be aware of the best ways to achieve success with their apps. The essential tips must be followed from the days of initiation of app development. Following some useful tips, the app makers can achieve their ultimate target of generating revenue from their top-selling Android app.

The Essential Tips to Adopt For Top Selling Android App

There are a number of ways that can be adopted for turning the Android app successful. Check out the following tips to know more.

1. Extensive Market Research

The app makers must have precise knowledge about the trending culture in the mobile app industry. Once the app owner finalizes to target the Android platform, the app developers must collect potential reviews which would be helpful in designing successful apps. Along with this, the app makers must have proper knowledge about the marketing models along with the knowledge about the best monetization techniques.

2. Unique and Fresh Contents

Unique and fresh contents of an app do have the potential to turn the app successful. The contents shared with the apps must be knowledgeable and interactive so that the users could learn and gain information about the app easily. The unique and fresh contents in the app would keep the users engaged, and ultimately they would develop trust on the app if the contents are satisfying.

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3. Following the Design Guidelines

Before initiating the steps of Android app development, the app makers must have distinguished and ample of knowledge about the design guidelines. An app developed with perfect UI requirements would ensure the navigation experience to be satisfying. The users would easily learn to operate the app and use the incorporated features. The first impression of the app matters the most for deciding its success, and around 94% of impression is related to UI design of the app.

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4. Updated Apps on Play Store

If an app is released for the first time, the app makers must ensure that the app is updated with the technical features as trending in the market. If there is an existing app in the App Store, then the app makers must give high concerns to maintain the apps with upgraded features. The up-to-date apps are largely appreciated by the end users. With push notifications, the users can be reminded of the updated version of the app that would trigger the interest of the users.

5. Freemium Apps

There are numbers of strategies of monetization that can be followed for generating high revenues through the app. The end-users love to grab something that is available for free of cost! There are chances for the apps to get failed in the competition in spite of having exclusive design and extraordinary features. But the apps which are available for free of cost have maximum download rates that turn this strategy successful. Almost half of the apps available on the Google Play Store are Freemium, and such apps achieve success easily.

Facts That Impact On App Download Rates

Apart from following these essential tips for turning the app successful, the app makers must ensure about the factors that can increase the download rates.

1. An app must not consume high battery power or else the end-users would delete the app to save their battery power.

2. An app must perform seamlessly on different devices with varying screen sizes thus, before releasing the app; it must be tested for ensuring the performance.

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