Android Q Beta: Everything That You Need To Know So Far

Android Q Beta: Everything That You Need To Know So Far


The first Android Q beta is now available. So, excited to know more about it?

Being an Android app development company, it is our core duty to know about the latest news on Android and so here’s what we know about Android Q.

As we all know that Android Pie is still rolling out, but we also know that Android Q will soon available with the most notable changes to Android. Though, we do not have any idea about what Android Q will be called. In addition to this, we do not have any clue about its features and offers. However, thanks to the Android Q beta version and numbers of rumors that we have come across about it.

Continue to read on to know everything about Android Q so far…

1. Better Permissions Controls

When it comes to Android 10 Q, there are a number of permissions controls that are getting revamped. With this, users will have better control over locations. They can also share location with apps with “never” feature. This feature is similar to iOS.

Apart from this, Android Q users will also able to share files with controlled access. In Android Q, most of the mobile apps will be needed to use the system file picker that feature will allow users to choose which photos and files can access without providing app access.

2. Support To Foldable Phones

Foldable phones are now in trend so Google has already worked on the folding technology of mobile. Google has created such features that will support all foldable mobile. This support will also come in Android 10 Q.

3. Faster Sharing

When it comes to sharing feature, it is extremely slow while it compares with iOS. However, as per the recent intelligence report, Google has confirmed that Android 10 Q will come with an exclusive feature of sharing shortcuts that will allow a user to jump directly into an app to share files, photos, and content. With the shortcut feature, the user can avoid the slow-down of the sharing menu.

4. In-app Setting Panel

With Android 10 Q, users will able to jump between the features like Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity from a different browser. In simple term, users will not necessary to navigate the setting menu for small actions.

5. Depth Formats For Photos

With these featuyeres, users will be able to edit photo things such as bokeh, blur, and many more editing features within different apps. For that users need to keep handy some photo editing apps that have customized photo editing features.

6. HDR10+ Support

In Android 10 Q has special support for HDR10+ in the mobile operating system. This means that you will enjoy the better quality video capture, no matter what photo editing app you would use. Apart from this, Android is also getting support for AV1 video codec that will help media providers to stream the best quality of video in Android mobiles.

7. Other Changes

In addition to all these changes and features, Google is also continuing to expand Vulkan within Android. This is also strengthening ART performance that helps the app to load faster and consume less memory.


Now that we hope you know about the latest version of Android 10 Q and its beta version. Because this information is very vital to any Android app development company or for an Android mobile phone user.  If you want to know more about the development milestones, have a look at below list.

  • Beta 1 (initial release, beta)
  • Beta 2 (incremental update, beta)
  • Beta 3 (incremental update, beta)
  • Beta 4 (final APIs and official SDK, Play publishing, beta)
  • Beta 5 (release candidate for testing)
  • Beta 6 (release candidate for final testing)
  • Final release to AOSP and ecosystem

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