Mobile Apps Every Indian Needs

Mobile Apps Every Indian Needs

The popularity of the smartphone has risen significantly since the day of its launch now that literally every other person has one. Apps were made to help us aid our problems and find us short-cuts and quick solutions for our needs. But visiting the app store of either platform can be daunting, especially with the rise of so many apps that the better ones are hidden and the newer ones are competing with each other that we miss out on the important ones. Here is a list of apps in my opinion that every Indian needs (if you don’t have them already).This list will exclude Social Media apps such as Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Snapchat as I’m guessing many people would already have them downloaded as soon as they get their hands on a new phone. This list may be cliché and many people may already know about them, but these are the most effective ones that help us around in our daily commute:

1. Share It:

This lovely app allows users to share files such as images, videos, songs, audio recordings, documents and even apps! This is a must on every person’s smartphone. No more fancy gimmicky features from Samsung trying to share files just by holding your Samsung smartphone to your friend’s Samsung smartphone to transfer files. You can now accomplish this by a simple app found both in the Playstore & App-store and transfer files to each other at the press of a button. The popularity of this app has led to its millions of downloads and I’m sure you would’ve heard about this app from one of your friends abusing you for not having it. This also allows cross-platform transfer from Android to iOS allowing you to not be left behind among your friends.

Share IT

2. AmpMe:

AmpMe is one of those apps that lets you connect your phone and a bunch of your friends phones together on a Bluetooth sharing system and allows you to play the same form of media, whether it being a movie, youtube video or a song, with the sound of each smartphone speaker synched together. How awesome is that! The next time your friend forgets to bring their speakers, Share it – AmpMe and let your phones synch together to enjoy a louder experience and have a mini party of your own.


3. JustDial or UrbanClap:

“If you can’t Google it, JustDial it” this local search system allows every Indian to find the nearest store close to them. This app has it all, just search for what service you’re looking for and JustDial will have it! This app is very convenient since it’s a local search system and is better than what Google can offer, Google may offer a few services in your neighborhood, JustDial will offer all the services that’s around you. Showing you the distance of the store from you, the location and telephone address of the store, the ratings of the store by fellow customers, along with the images of the store. One thing to note is that JustDial runs on customer feedbacks and user details which are monitored by JustDial.

Another alternative is UrbanClap, another local –search app that is looked by the UrbanClap team and reviewed by them allowing you to have a tried-tested and trusted experience!

Just Dial

4. Canva:

For all your editing needs on the go, Canva has released their editing software onto mobile devices allowing you to make beautiful mesmerizing designs that will up your insta-game or could help you for your business needs if you’re in the field of designing. This is an easy to use software giving you a wide variety of templates and designs to choose from. You can then edit it however you like and then upload it to your favorite platform directly from the app or save those images. This is a beautiful app for all your aesthetic needs and I recommend everyone to try it our if you haven’t before. This is a Photoshop killer app imo!


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5. Memrise:

If you’re looking to strengthen your third or fourth language or just want to learn a new language, this app is for you! Memrise helps users to learn new languages or test their knowledge on languages they already know with simple yet effective games that are in-built in the app. This is a free-to-use app allowing you to save the money on those language classes you were looking for and will keep you on track if you enable notifications on! This is an app not many people know of and you can easily take advantage of, to show off your fine skills in French, Italian or any other language of your liking.


6. StopAd:

As the name implies, this app stops unwanted ads, pop-ups, which adds up to your web and browsing experience.Plus it also saves up your mobile data by blocking those unwanted ads when you’re on mobile data on 4G or 3G. And this app works flawlessly, perhaps one of the best ad-blocking app to date and this has little to no impact on your battery life. Instead it boosts your battery life and browsing experience! StopAd not only stops ads from your browser but also from all those other third-party apps or gaming apps that show ads. StopAd is free on the Windows &iOS App stores, but cannot be found on the Playstore, however you can download this from StopAd

Stop Ad

7. SC-OS3:

SC-OS3 is an Android only app and is something that not many people know of! This is a Spy Cam app that allows users to secretly record footage of any suspicious activity from their phones camera while their smartphones seem shut. This is something people should use to take advantage of wrong doings in a public environment and must report to authorities about such incidences. This would indeed make India a much safer place if the mass public knows about this app, and so I recommend, download this and try it before hand to expose the wrong-doings of people.


8. CamScanner:

The photocopy Xerox replacement for your smartphone! This app lets you make a scanned copy of whatever document or file type into any format you wish so from your smartphone’s camera. You have the ability to crop the image to your liking and CamScanner will do its wonders on the file by enhancing the quality of the picture and making it seem like a Scanned copy. This is very useful for all types of people, whether a student or a working class man, this app lets you make copies of your files on the go!

Cam Scanner

9. 1Mg – Find Generic Medicines:

Today, there is a huge list and variety of medicines we are not familiar with, 1Mg helps you by giving you the information of the right medicines for your problems and lets you know which are the best rated, which are imposters, and also gives you a detailed differentiation between the medicines based on their effectiveness and their price ranges for all your health enquiries. This is an app that many people don’t know of, and should be used by everyone if they have a slight feeling that their prescriptions are counterfeit or not. This app is tested by trusted doctors of their field.

1Mg Find Generic Medicines

10. PayTm:

Last but not the least, the Digital Money app – PayTm. You knew you had this app the day Modiji announced the monetization issue! So why delete this app? This is a very useful app now that many stores are adopting PayTm services across India. Make India Digital. This recharge app allows you to recharge a variety of services such as mobile recharge, tv service recharge, electricity bill, etc..all from one app. “PayTmKaro


So this is a list of apps in my opinion every Indian should have on their smartphones. This would simply make your life easier and you don’t have to flood your phone with thousands of apps. Apps were designed in a way to make you addictive to your phones, let’s change that!

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