The Latest Technology Trends For Android App Development

The Latest Technology Trends For Android App Development

The Latest Technology Trends For Android App Development

Smartphone indeed has diverted the mobile industry to a new path of success blessed with technical efficiencies! Smartphones are able to dominate the market for the integrated mind-blowing features and the mobile apps. The numeric of Smartphone users are increasing spectacularly all around the world!

Smartphones are powered by different Operating Systems and among the many, Android and iOS are in high demand! In comparison to iOS, Android powered Smartphone have higher sales rates and is leading the mobile market. For the amazing figures of mobile market shares of Android, the demands of mobile apps for Android are even high!

With the growing efficiencies of digital impacts on businesses, the mobile apps have successfully revolutionized the current market. It has become a trend in current days; users prefer to access mobile apps of the businesses rather than visiting the websites to view products or services of the brand!

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How to Dominate the Market with Android App Development?

Comparing the current trends, it can be concluded that Android App development industry is growing fast in comparison to Apple’s iOS. Thus, it is essential for the businesses to gain information about the current technology trends for Android app development which presents gigantic options to stay updated with the altering market and to dominate the competitors in the market.

The Latest Trends of Android App Development

    1. The Web Apps + AMP

      The web apps are designed in such a way that it offers immediate access to the users to open the mobile apps in browsers. There is no requirement of downloading the apps and get it installed in the device. The UI feature of the Web apps is similar to the UI of mobile apps.

      The web apps with accelerated mobile pages (AMP) easily opens in the web browsers that allows the users for instantly using it though there is a poor or unstable data connection. AMP allows developing high performing and easy-to-load apps in a faster way.

    2. The AR and VR Apps

      The popularity of AR- Augmented Reality and VR- Virtual Reality apps encompassed across the globe. While the AR apps offers a composite view with impressive computer-generated images of the real world. The VR apps offers 3D image that a user can interact with, by using special VR gadgets.

    3. The MFS (Mobile Finance Service) Apps

      The popularity of cashless transactions is increasing day by day! Rather than holding the old trends of using credit or debit cards for payment, people have switched over to different mobile apps for payments and transaction. The apps offering mobile finance services offer options for shopping payments as well as bill payments and recharges. The MFS apps are generally termed as electronic wallets in which money is stored by the users and is used at the time of making payments.
      Some of such popular apps are Paytm, Payumoney, Freecharge, Mobikwik, etc.

    4. Mobile Security Apps

      Google Play Store is loaded with millions of apps but most of the apps don’t pass the security tests and are considered as threats for the app users. Such apps are highly dangerous for the mobile app users as these could be bait used by the hackers to source the confidential information of the users. Thus, Mobile security apps are being developed by the leading antivirus companies that protect the mobile devices from any malware threats and resist the device from downloading harmful apps!
      Some of popular security apps are CM Security, 360 Security, Kaspersky, etc.

The above specified apps are the current technology trends that would rule the Android app development. Apart from these apps, apps for wearable devices would continue in the current technology trends!

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