Top 8 Trends Shaping Up The Gaming Industry In 2017

Top 8 Trends Shaping Up The Gaming Industry In 2017

Top 8 Trends Shaping Up The Gaming Industry In 2017

Currently, the world is digitally driven! Usage of Smartphones and tablets has increased within these few years. Penetration of Smartphone and tablets in the market has amazingly transformed the model of the gaming industry as well. Mobile gaming industry is evolving constantly since few years. With the growing demand for mobile games, the game development companies have developed new strategies and standards for game development.

Tech evolution is growing at a rapid speed. The new trends are efficiently shaping up the gaming industry. In the last year of 2016, demands for freemium games have risen up. As per the records, iOS and Android free games have been downloaded maximum times and with this strategy, several game app developers have earned millions from the in-app purchases, upgrades, and advertisement.

The Latest Trends of 2017 That Are Shaping Up The Gaming Industry

The game developers need to be aware of the trends that have reshaped the gaming market of 2017. Here are such top 8 trends as follows:

1. Adopting Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality in the gaming world has turned as the mainstream in recent days. The game development companies have been adopting the VR practice within game development. The giant companies like Samsung, Intel, Google, Qualcomm, Sony, Microsoft, etc. are working on Virtual Reality Technology.

VR technology is even making its way to various industries like real estate, automobile as well as education that are beyond the gaming. Virtual reality is focused on the creating virtual world with which the users can interact. VR technology simulates the physical experience of the user within the virtual environment. VR technology amazingly helps in replacing the real world perception.

2. The Trend of eSports

eSports is continuously growing which can be determined from the growing rates of users. It is estimated that the business environment would expand. Building a truly eSports game, the companies can grab a significant market share. The game publishers are showing great interest in investing for eSports. The game developers need to build a community and facilitate the broadcasting game play. This scales up lots of opportunities for the undiscovered services in order to cater services to the viewer community and aspiring players.

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3. Creating Business Model Revolution

Adopting game development in business is increasingly going popular and it has successfully revamped the business structure. Implementing the gaming elements into the non-gaming elements would boost up user-engagement as well as increase engagement of players/participants.

This current trend has created a drastic impact in the industry. Adopting the trend of gamification would help the businesses to eliminate the current marketing process that is quite long-waiting! The gamification of the businesses can apply the mechanisms like rewards, leaderboards, badges and point gamification that could change the customer and employee engagement model.

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4. Selecting Appropriate Platform

Developing AAA games is not that simple. The model of game development must be planned precisely that would ensure the investments to be significant. The model of game development must be planned in such a way that the game would perform as a platform and act as a source of long-tail monetization.

Taking a move towards developing AAA game model would define the brand’s identity in the industry. The game must be developed with a target that would help to earn high revenues for the long run!

5. Streaming

Streaming certainly would affect the gaming landscape, i.e. AAA game distribution method and broadcasting play sessions of the players.

6. Mobile Messaging

Messaging is the new form of distributing game apps. Using simple text user interface in attractive ways, the game development companies can present the game in a powerful way and increase the means of engagement.

If game distribution format is focused on messaging, it can create market sensations socially. With this movement, gaming would not get affected and great opportunities can be grabbed easily. Diverse game players can be easily motivated to play the game on different platforms.

7. Using Wearable

Currently, wearable devices have a great impact in this digitally driven market. In regards to the games, the game development companies can enhance the chances for achieving the targets following the trends of wearable.

8. Augmented Reality As the Second Comers

For its lower development costs and easy accessibility, Augmented Reality of game stay remains in the trend. The AR games apps are lighter as well as easy to access which ensures an immersive experience for the users.

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