Top Tech Trends for Mobile Industry 2017

Top Tech Trends for Mobile Industry 2017

Top Mobile Tech Trends for 2017

Tech experts have predicted that the current year would witness a massive growth of mobile industry and the market! With the tech evolutions and advancements, tech pros in their concerned fields have embarked several milestones of success. The mobile industry is practically leading in the pace with the tech advancements.

What Is the Reason Behind the Growing Popularity of Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development has gone quite cheaper in these few years and it has become easier to develop the mobile apps for different targeted proposals. Every business nowadays prefers to gain insights and traffic from massive numbers of mobile users. Thus, the advancements in technology have made the businesses enough capable of developing the mobile apps for their business that can easily drag attention of the potential customers and increase their turnovers!

Not only the developed mobile apps are intended to increase the sales but the apps are also quite helpful in serving the employees working with the organization.The numbers of mobile users have overcome the PC users since 2015 and the number is constantly increasing all around the world.

This demonstrates that it is essential for the businesses or the organizations to adopt the current trend of mobilizing the business. Enhanced mobile presence of businesses opens up countless ways for the organization to stay ahead in the competitive market and reaping the benefits witness high success.

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7 Tech Trends of 2017 for Which Businesses Must Adopt Mobile App Development

  1. The Location-Based Services Would Continue to Rise

    For the availability GPS on different devices and the easy to use navigation feature, the location-based services would grow with the developing technical trends and would further provide the mobile users real-time information or the deals that would be based upon the whereabouts.

  2. Integrating Augmented Reality with The Utility Apps

    The apps using Augmented Reality are preferred for promotional purposes since a long time but with the growing tech efficiencies and vision, high numbers of apps have started integrating AR for operating useful tasks.

  3. Android Instant Apps Would Become the Common Trend

    This obviously would have a great impact on the mobile industry and the users as it would be actionable.

  4. IOT App Integrations Would Continue to Be Unchallenged

    IOT industry is growing fast and the apps that are catered to the IOT industry integrate the best features that support the growth and make it faster. The established companies from different sectors have started integrating the IOT advancements. Thus, developing apps with this concept in mind would indeed be a good move in the current year of 2017.

  5. Security of The Applications Is Cited to Be an Essential Trend

    As the Smartphone contains user data, accounts, contacts and several other sensitive data, security of the Smartphone has become quite essential. The app developers are adopting several advanced technologies for providing high-end user experience along with the better features. This certainly would prove as a game changer for the developers as well as the users.

  6. Mobile Apps for Small Businesses Would Go Trendy

    Nowadays, mobile apps are available for different tasks that range from weather forecasting, encrypted messages to sharing photos. A few years back, developing mobile apps for small businesses was considered to be unrealistic, but with the rise of app development needs and the tech facilities of app development, the small businesses can easily develop mobile apps and ensure to develop the consumer dedication.

  7. Adoption of Mobile App Development by Small Businesses

    With the increase in interactive features of business apps, the adoption of mobile app development by the small businesses is increasing and it is calculated that within 2017, almost more than a half of the small businesses in the world will adopt mobile app development.

  8. Follow the Specified Tech Trends and Stay Ahead of the Competition

    If you are planning to enter in the mobile market or if you have existence in the mobile market then it is essential to follow the specified top mobile tech trends that would ensure to keep you and your business ahead in the competition.

  9. Few Points to Remember

    • As per the expert calculations, it is predicted that around 268 billion downloads would support to generate $77 billion revenue in the year 2017.

    • Nowadays, the apps are not only built for the Smartphone rather various apps are developed for Wearables and other devices as well.

    • 2017 arrived with a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs as well the consumers.

    • The cloud-based apps and services have increased its efficiency since the past year and the ability to share and sync data with the server with other specified devices at the real time has opened up ways for different innovative features.

The vital reasons for which the small businesses are adopting to develop mobile apps are increased sales, improved customer experience and become competitive in the market. Thus, learning about the top mobile tech trends for 2017, you absolutely can get a clear spectrum of the requirements for developing apps and mobilizing the business.

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