What is User Experience of Your Android Application and How to Decide the Best User Experience?

What is User Experience of Your Android Application and How to Decide the Best User Experience?

Building Amazing User Experience

Whenever you will post the job requirement of a User Experience Professional, you will get hundreds of CVs of people who would be willing to share their previous work with you. Of course some of them are genuine but the term “UX builder or UX designer” has been highly abused in the Android Application Development Scene of our country.

What Is User Experience?

User experience is basically defined by the look, feel and options a user gets when he/she land on any page of your app. User experience changes from the category you deal in to the page you wish to show your user. An Apps Positioning is decided based upon the user experience it generates. It is not just limited to adding fancy graphical elements to the page but many others factors. Here are a few important elements you should take care whenever you are getting your mobile app Created.

Reasons That Determines The Effectiveness of User Experience

1. Easy user Journey

An Android Application whose main aim is to get people to book a cab, should not have the user to click on multiple things before they can book a cab. User experience of any Android Application should be so simple and lucid that the user can do whatever they wish to do in at max 3 clicks.

2. Minimalist design elements

Android Applications with too many options to click confuse the user. Consider using only the elements that are necessary. Develop your Android App with Artistically designed elements, but keep them so minimal that they do not end up confusing the user

3. The card philosophy

The philosophy of moving user from page- to-page makes the user to load multiple pages before they arrive to the destination. The card philosophy of Android Application development believes in giving all the menu options to users as cards. That means cards appear as clicks and not as separate pages. The user does not have to navigate too many different pages, but gets all the data on the same page using different cards.

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4. Response Time

Just as you as a client of any service do not enjoy waiting in queue for the service, similarly the customers of your Android Application do not enjoy waiting for pages to load. The app should always be designed in a manner to reduce the response time or the wait time for the user. even if the app is fetching real time data, from a server the app should not make a customer wait. Android Applications with good User Experience do not let their customers wait for more than 10 seconds.

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